These email providers stopped Democratic fundraising requests during the 2020 election
Donald Trump/Joe Biden -- AFP/Biden Facebook page

Google's email server, GMail was more likely to block Republican fundraising emails in the 2020 election, reported Axios, citing a study from North Carolina State University.

According to a new report, both parties saw a lot of restrictions on fundraising efforts ahead of the election. Democratic campaigns were more likely to be marked as spam on Yahoo and Outlook (and the Microsoft suite), where GMail tagged Republicans.

The study showed that candidates from one party were able to reach more donors than their opposition. The email service providers explain that a lot of it can come from past user behaviors on the platform. For example, if a large group of progressives using GMail marked a GOP fundraising email as "spam" that could have an impact sitewide. It's similar to when someone reports an email as phishing, which can shut down email accounts.

"The research nonetheless shows potential pitfalls in political candidates' dependence on third-party technology vendors whose products frequently rely on opaque algorithms," said the report.

The study used 100 email accounts from GMail, Outlook and Yahoo and college more than 318,000 emails to chart the results.

Read the full report at Axios.