Mike Flynn's brother falls for obvious joke and holds it up as proof Biden stole 2020 election
Mike Flynn (Photo: Screen Capture via abc.com video)

Joseph Flynn, a brother of former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn, fell for an obvious joke on Friday and held it up as definitive proof that the 2020 election was "stolen" from former President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Flynn responded to a tweet from Intercept writer Jonathan Schwarz in which he jokingly boasted that he was "still proud of all the work that myself and all my MSM friends did destroying Trump ballots, and also amazed that only a few sharp-eyed intrepid investigators... have figured it out."

While a rational observer might question why someone who committed high crimes against democracy would openly boast about it on Twitter, Flynn took Schwarz's tweet as 100 percent sincere.

"Left wing nut job writer from the Intercept admits publicly to destroying Trump ballots in collusion with other journalists and the USPS," he thundered in response to Schwarz.

Schwarz, for his part, decided to have fun at Flynn's expense by saying he now "regrets" confessing his purported role in illegally depriving Trump of a second term.

"I should have known better than to believe I could outwit the super-genius intelligence analysts of the Flynn family," he wrote.

Plenty of other people piled on Flynn for being so easily duped -- check out some reactions below.