Mike Flynn elected to local GOP leadership in Florida — and will work as a poll watcher: report
Donald Trump and Mike Flynn (cnn.com)

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that Michael Flynn, former President Donald Trump's short-lived first National Security Adviser and notorious conspiracy theorist, was just elected to a local GOP leadership position in Sarasota, Florida.

"On Thursday evening, Flynn was one of several dozen new members of the local Republican executive committee elected by voice vote at the Morgan Family Community Center in North Port, Florida," reported Michael Daly. "As if that were not scary enough, they also elected James Hoel, a local leader of the Proud Boys."

"Hoel and fellow Proud Boy Nicholas Radovich were active in the Aug. 23 Sarasota County School Board election that saw a longstanding 3-2 liberal majority become a 4-1 conspiracy minority," noted the report. "Radovich showed up at the victory party in a Proud Boys hat and T-shirt and flashed a white power sign during a group picture. The one re-elected incumbent conservative, Bridget Ziegler, subsequently denounced the Proud Boys as a 'menace.'"

Flynn, who was reportedly pushed to run by local GOP activist Conni Brunni, will also get to work as a poll watcher in upcoming elections, according to the report: "I also am volunteering to be a poll watcher in the upcoming elections, particularly in this county, in the state of Florida," he said on Steve Bannon's podcast. This comes after it was revealed that Miami-Dade County in south Florida allowed a Proud Boy to work a polling station in the recent primary.

Flynn previously served as a general and head of the Defense Intelligence Agency before joining the Trump administration. He was swiftly fired as National Security Adviser and later prosecuted for lying to DOJ officials about his contacts with the Russian foreign minister. He was subsequently given a pardon by Trump.

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Since then, he has become a prominent activist in the QAnon conspiracy movement, which holds that Trump is secretly fighting to save America from a shadowy group of pedophile cannibals who control the nation behind the scenes. At one of their gatherings, he even endorsed the violent overthrow of the U.S. government by the military, similar to the coup that occurred in Myanmar, although he later tried to deny he had supported this idea when faced with press scrutiny.