Mike Lindell says Biden committed massive voter fraud even in states Trump easily won
YouTube screenshot

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Tuesday alleged that President Joe Biden committed massive voter fraud even in the state of Texas -- but apparently not enough fraud to defeat former President Donald Trump there.

Via Media Matters' Bobby Lewis, Lindell showed the audience at his "Cyber Symposium" a series of slides showing what he claims are the "true" totals of the 2020 election.

In Texas, Lindell alleges, Trump actually received around 6.4 million votes, compared to 4.8 million for Biden.

This is a big discrepancy between the final tally in Texas, which showed that Trump received 5.9 million votes, compared to 5.3 million for Biden.

It is unclear why Biden would go to the trouble of cheating to such an extent without bothering to give himself a victory in the Lone Star State, which would have given him an additional 38 electoral votes to his total.

See the slides below.