'Traitor! Traitor!' Mike Lindell melts down when asked about 'martial law' meeting with Trump
Mike Lindell

More than a year after he was photographed carrying papers saying "martial law if necessary" to a meeting with former president Donald Trump at the White House, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell still refuses to say where he got them.

On Saturday, CBS News' Robert Acosta tried to ask Lindell where he got the papers at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando.

"One unanswered question from the post-January 6 period inside the Trump White House: who provided Mike Lindell with his 'martial law' papers, photographed on January 15, 2021?" Costa wrote. "Lindell has so far refused to give an answer about who told him to bring those papers and ideas to Trump, or who else was involved in related discussions during Trump’s final days. Today at CPAC, @CBSNews asked Lindell several times to share the name of the lawyers. He says a 'whole bunch of lawyers' gave him the documents, but grew irritated when asked to name them. Eventually he started to chant 'traitor!' at me for asking questions."

In video of the exchange, Lindell initially responds to Costa's question by saying, "That picture will go down in history of helping save this country."

"Who gave you the papers?" Costa says.

"Who gave me the papers? That's none of your business. A bunch of lawyers did. I’ve never read then," Lindell responds.

"Was it John Eastman?" Costa says, referring to the Trump lawyer who was the author of a so-called "coup memo."

"I’ve never read them," Lindell repeats. "I went in there with evidence on Jan. 15. You guys are old news. You're regurgitating old news. Jan. 15, I went in there with four papers that showed Dominion and the election crime of the machines and China attacking our country, cyberattack, all 50 states, over 12 million votes that Donald Trump won by. Eighty-two million to 68 million was the real count."

"Who gave you the papers?"

"I just said, A whole bunch of lawyers did. I've never read them," Lindell responds.

"Did you ever discuss martial law with President Trump?"

"No," Lindell says.

"Then why were you carrying those papers into the White House?"

"I just told you, but you didn't listen," Lindell responds. "Why don't you go back and watch your own rotten news? You guys are the worst journalists — "

Costa wrote above a second video, "This is how my exchange today with Lindell ended. Calmly asked him to provide names of lawyers, the lawyers who he says provided him with papers that included the mention of 'martial law.' Papers he carried into a meeting with Trump."

The second video begins with Lindell shouting in Costa's face, "Traitor, traitor!"

"Robert Costa is a traitor to the United States of America!" Lindell says. "Why do you protect a company called Dominion and attack a company called MyPillow?"

"Traitor, traitor, traitor!" Lindell yells, as a few people around him join in the chant.

"Answer the question," Costa says.

"You're disgusting. CBS, you're one step above Fox. He's asking me about the picture at the White House a year ago. You're disgusting. You're disgusting. Are you a communist?"

Watch below.