'It hurts a little': Mike Lindell blames Dominion after he's physically 'attacked' at hotel
Real America's Voice/screen grab

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said this week that he was physically "attacked" at his hotel following the second day of a so-called "cyber symposium" that he promised would prove the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.

Lindell kicked off the third day of the event with the somber announcement that he had been the target of an attack near the elevators at his hotel. He also said that another participant's house was "raided." Lindell did not explain which agency conducted the raid.

Lindell then had someone pray to God for "vengeance."

"I just want everyone to know all the evil that's out there," the MyPillow CEO later said. "I'm ok. It hurts a little bit"

Lindell hinted that Dominion Voting Systems and Antifa could have been connected to the incidents.

"This is where our country's gone," he said. "You take away the free speech. So they go after me. And they're going, 'Well, we try and crush his company and take everything from him.' And then they go after [me] physically."

"Now I've got to go around with a bodyguard," Lindell added. "And I don't like bodyguards. I like to have American freedom to drive around, to do what I want, to not worry, to be able to take pictures with people."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.