mike lindell cpac

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell had a difficult time talking to reporters while at CPAC over the weekend. First, it was a CBS reporter who filmed as the pillow magnate wagged his finger. Now, VICE is the one drawing the ire.

"Why don't you ask about Dominion?! Why don't you guys go after them?" Lindell could be heard screaming as people pulled out their cell phones to film the meltdown. "They're the biggest crime family: Dominion, Smartmatic, ES&S, Diebold. They used China — attacked our country, your country you say you're a part of and you don't give a dang about it."

As Lindell grew louder, the passersby began stopping and phones began going up to film the event. The reporter appeared to say something about caring, but Lindell claimed, "no you don't. Then why are you attacking me instead of Dominion?"

"I haven't attacked you. I've asked you questions," the reporter could be heard saying.

"Ask me something about the helicopters — the parachutes going into Canada," Lindell said.

"OK, tell me about the parachutes. Tell me about the parachutes," the reporter said.

Lindell continued to rant and said that because he asked about the parachutes, it proved he doesn't read the news. The story he's referring to is that he was going to airdrop his pillows to the so-called "freedom convoy" of truckers protesting the vaccine. Canada blocked the move because dropping a large crate in an urban area is a serious hazard. Lindell then offered to use a helicopter, which was also denied. It's unclear why someone couldn't merely hand-deliver the free pillows. Regardless, the truckers were forced to disperse.

See the video below: