'Crimes against humanity': Mike Lindell smears ex-Dominion official in explosive rant over new lawsuit
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell responded to a new defamation lawsuit on Wednesday by declaring that the plaintiff is guilty of crimes against humanity.

Eric Coomer, a former employee of Dominion Voting Systems, served Lindell with the court complaint on Tuesday while the pillow executive was speaking about claims that the 2020 election was "stolen" from then-President Donald Trump.

During a broadcast later on Wednesday, Lindell claimed that he had "never talked about Eric Coomer" despite numerous statements accusing the former Dominion employee of fraud and being a "traitor."

"Apparently he's the president of Dominion," Lindell stated incorrectly, "the criminal crime family here in Denver."

"He served papers, everybody!" he continued. "Eric Coomer, you are a criminal! Eric Coomer, your lawyers better look out. I'm not putting up with this. MyPillow doesn't even know who you are. My employees -- I have 2,700 employees. Shame on you, Eric Coomer. You did a very, very stupid move, Mr. Coomer!"

Lindell claimed that Coomer would be "the first one" who goes to jail over the election.

"You're number one on my list," he ranted. "You're disgusting. You belong behind bars. I heard you ran into a building the other day drunk or whatever you were, you know, whatever you did. You know, allegedly! I'll say that for the lawyers."

"But I will accuse you of this," Lindell said. "You've been part of the biggest crime this world has ever seen, Eric Coomer, president of Dominion! You've even said what you did or what you were going to do. You're disgusting. You're disgusting, you're evil and you belong behind bars and we will not stop to you are behind bars."

He added: "We're going to melt down your little machines and you're going to hang on to your little prison bars. 'Let me out, let me out!' Should have thought about that, Eric Coomer, before you did crimes against the United States, the world and quite frankly all of humanity."

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