WATCH: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell humiliated live on the air after being duped by Trump impersonator

During a 48-hour "FRANK-a-thon" event to promote the glitch-riddled launch of his new social media platform "FrankSpeech," MyPillow CEO and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell took more than one phone call from pranksters.

Salon's Zachary Petrizzo shared two video showing Lindell fielding calls from pranksters. In one video, Lindell is led to believe that former president Donald Trump is calling in to the event.

"Well, we have the President here, our real president, everyone," Lindell says excitedly. "Hello, Mr. President."

But Lindell's excitement quickly turned sour as "the President" on the other line let out a stream of profanities, prompting Lindell to scramble to end the call.