Mike Lindell falsely claims 'bots' and 'trolls' are responsible for his broken election promises
Lindell TV/screen grab

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has made tons of promises regarding former President Donald Trump's so-called reinstatement as president of the United States. For months, he's floated conspiracy theories and self-declared deadlines that avid Trump supporters have clung to in hopes of Trump taking the White House back. But now it appears the walls are caving in.

Rapidly running out of excuses, Lindell has a new claim to explain what's happening. According to The Daily Beast, Lindell claims “bots” and “trolls” are responsible for the questions being posted to his Facebook page.

Impatient Facebook users are now holding Lindell accountable for his false claims and making statements like, “Mike, you keep making promises. I don’t see Donald Trump.”

According to Lindell, “Those are bots and trolls. Any real person out there would know we are doing everything we can!”

But despite Lindell's defense, the truth is that his promises are empty because there was never a chance of Trump being reinstated after lawmakers affirmed Biden's win. The latest comes as Lindell faces more consequences for circulating false claims. According to Uproxx, Lindell insists Verizon is now blocking him from sending mass text messages to his followers.

“If you haven’t been getting text marketing or any texts from FrankSpeech and you’re wondering why that you’ve been taken off a list,” Lindell said, “No, it’s just because Verizon has stopped us from doing our text marketing. Just another big platform that went — I don’t know — that went south on us, that went left on us. They left us.”

For months now, Lindell has perpetuated dangerous false claims about the presidential election while undermining the integrity of the United States' election systems. Currently, Lindell is facing a number of lawsuits for pushing false claims about the outcome of the presidential election.