Mike Lindell told Mark Meadows he was 'praying' that Trump would consider seizing voting machines
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Text messages to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows show that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell actively pushed for the administration to seize voting machines that he believed were responsible for stealing the 2020 election.

In a text message sent to Meadows on December 20th, 2020, Lindell enthusiastically endorsed the conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems machines espoused by attorney Sidney Powell, and he encouraged Meadows and the former president to take action.

"We have to get the machines and everything we already have proves the President won by millions of votes!" Lindell falsely claimed. "I have read and not validated yet that you and others talked him out of seizing them... if true... I pray it is part of a bigger plan."

Lindell then brought up nonsensical claims about the machines breaking on election night, even though no such thing occurred.

"I am grateful that on the night of the election the algorithms of the corrupt machines broke and they realized our president would win in spite of historic fraud!" he wrote. "I look for deviations every day in my business... when I find one I investigate relentlessly until I know why it happened."

See a screen cap of Lindell's full message to Meadows below.

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