Mike Lindell tells Trump rally that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg will be jailed for stealing 2020 election

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell continued to push his long-ago debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election at a Donald Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina on Saturday.

Lindell addressed the crowd at a rally where the Space Force overturning the election was a theme.

"I want to tell you why these rallies are so important," Lindell said.

"On Jan. 7th last — a year ago, they tried to cancel our voice forever. That was the day, not just when they took our great president's Twitter away, 1.2 million people, mostly in the United States, were canceled, their platforms on Vimeo, and YouTube, crooked YouTube, and Zuckerbuck's (sic) FaceBook and all these platforms, right?" he said, mispronouncing the CEO's name.

"Well, we know that Zuckerbuck (sic) — we learned what he did to steal our election, right? They'll all be going to prison, they're all going to be going to prison, trust me," he said.