Right-wing radio network shrugs after Mike Lindell pulls his ads in latest election conspiracy tantrum
Real America's Voice/screen grab

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that Salem Radio Network, a company that hosts a number of right-wing and Christian talk radio hosts, is unfazed by MyPillow CEO and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell's decision to cut them off from his advertising.

"After deciding to pull the plug on the ads Saturday night, Lindell, throughout his 96-hour Thanksgiving virtual event, repeatedly stated that Salem radio hosts had attempted to reach out to heal the business partnership," reported Zachary Petrizzo. "Sought for comment about the matter, Salem spokesperson Phil Boyce told The Daily Beast that he wasn't concerned about MyPillow no longer serving as an advertiser. 'No, we're not upset. He has the right if he wants to do that,' Boyce said, adding that he wasn't aware of any radio hosts attempting to contact the pillow tycoon to convince him to reverse his decision."

"Asked if Salem hopes Lindell reconsiders the decision, Boyce told The Daily Beast 'no,'" continued the report.

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Lindell claimed in his "thanks-a-thon" that Salem had not done enough to tell people about why he was being "canceled," concluding, "With Salem, nobody gets to sell MyPillow products going forward. You are done selling MyPillow products!"

For his part, Lindell ended the "thanks-a-thon" in failure, without gaining the support he was hoping for on his "petition" to force the Supreme Court to "reinstate" Donald Trump as president. He had previously claimed the petition, which was lacking basic elements required of litigation, would be delivered by Thanksgiving.