Mike Lindell now claims he's found people as old as 850 years who voted in 2020 election: report
Lindell TV/screen grab

Mike Lindell has so far failed to prove his allegations of "voter fraud" in the 2020 election -- and now Salon reporter Zachary Petrizzo brings word that the MyPillow CEO's claims about election fraud are growing even more outlandish.

According to Petrizzo, who frequently monitors Lindell's media appearances, the Trump-loving pillow salesman on Thursday said that he discovered that someone who was 850 years old apparently voted in the 2020 presidential election.

Additionally, writes Petrizzo, Lindell claimed that "he and his team have identified 2,000 people over the age of 200 that voted."

Lindell would not specify the names of the purported centuries-old dead people who voted, nor would he disclose the states they supposedly voted in.

Lindell's claim that someone who hasn't been alive for over seven centuries voted in an election last year seems highly dubious given that the United States of America did not exist back when this person was still alive.