Mike Lindell vows to 'go after' reporter the MyPillow CEO branded 'an enemy of our country'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is apparently livid over reporting by Salon correspondent Zachary Petrizzo.

In July, Lindell angrily accused Petrizzo of "destroying the country" in a video broadcast by Lindell's FrankSpeech.com website.

He is now describing Petrizzo as "an enemy of our country" during a video broadcasted by the website LindelTV.com.

Petrizzo has published two articles on Lindell in September. The first was titled, "Mike Lindell's meltdown begins: He recently sold a MyPillow plane to fund Dominion lawsuit." The second was titled, "Mike Lindell paid millions to 'cyber experts'; allegedly bought luxury home for accused fraudster." Both articles were republished by Raw Story.

"I am going to spend a lot more money, Zachary, contrary to your little thing here," Lindell said. "We are going after this kid."

"He's an enemy of our country," Lindell alleged.