Lawmaker charged with helping extremists storm Oregon Capitol has 'a really bad case of COVID': report
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Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman is complaining about having contracted coronavirus before his scheduled first court hearing after being charged with helping violent extremists storm the Capitol in Salem.

"A Republican state lawmaker who authorities say let violent protesters into the Oregon Capitol in December says he is ill with COVID-19. 'I have a really bad case of COVID and I'm kind of on the mend a little bit,' Rep. Mike Nearman said on a conservative radio talk show," the Associated Press reported Friday.

"Nearman faces a hearing in Marion County Circuit Court on Tuesday on charges of official misconduct in the first degree and criminal trespass in the second degree for the Dec. 21 breach of the state Capitol by people protesting coronavirus restrictions. Both are misdemeanors, but carry possible jail time," the AP reported. "Some of the insurgents whom Nearman let into the Capitol were armed with guns and a substance reported to be pepper spray, which they used on state troopers and Salem police trying to keep people out of the Capitol. At least two men alleged to be part of that breach were arrested on related charges."

Oregon Public Broadcasting reported three men who took part in the Salem protest went on to attend the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.


Rep. Mike Nearman helps right-wing demonstrators breach Oregon Capitol