Watch: Mike Pence gets ‘encouragement’ to challenge Donald Trump in 2024
Mike Pence (Photo via AFP)

Mike Pence hasn’t yet decided whether to challenge his ex-boss for the Republican nomination next year, but the former vice president has been traveling around the country in recent months gauging interest, and so far he likes what he hears.

Pence on Tuesday told reporters he plans to decide whether to seek a presidential bid by the summer in a video clip posted on Politico’s website.

“Look, we’ve gotten a lot of encouragement around the country,” Pence said.

The former vice president last year expanded his staff in anticipation of a possible presidential run, Politico reports.

Pence’s staff buildup included the hiring of Ali Kjergaard to serve as communications director for a Pence-aligned non-profit. Kjergaard previously served as a spokesperson for outgoing Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse.