White House reporter shows how Mike Pence 'actively sabotaged' Trump's phony electors scheme
Pence photo via AFP

Huffington Post reporter S.V. Dáte doesn't think former Vice President Mike Pence has gotten enough credit for his actions on January 6th, 2021.

Writing on Twitter, Dáte examines how Pence changed the traditional script during the roll call of electors on January 6th to specifically rule out accepting the "alternate" electors that Trump allies had lined up to support his bid for a second term.

"Not only did he not go along with Trump's scheme to use 'alternate' slates of electors to give Trump a second term, he actively sabotaged it," Dáte observes.

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He then compares a key difference between the instructions that then-Vice President Joe Biden gave to electoral vote counters back in 2017 and the instructions that Pence gave to vote counters last year.

In particular, Pence told the counters to "announce the votes cast by the electors for each state, beginning with Alabama, which the parliamentarian has advised me is the only certificate of vote from that state and purports to be a return from that state that has annexed to it a certificate from an authority of that state purporting to appoint or ascertain electors."

Dáte goes on to say that Pence "didn't just make that up on the fly" but rather "crafted it in advance to specifically reject any fake set of electors that Trump's agents in Congress would try to push."

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