'Go under oath and testify': Mike Pence called out for not coming forward earlier about Jan 6th
Mike Pence (Shutterstock)

During his weekly appearance on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, former Rep. Dave Jolly (R-FL) said it was all well and good that former vice president Mike Pence and his top aide are now speaking out about attempts to overturn the election at Donald Trump's request, but that they need to come clean about all of the details.

Speaking with host Alex Witt after watching a clip of former Pence aide Marc Short offering up some tepid criticism of the events of that day, Jolly stated that Short and Pence are trying to "normalize" what occurred.

"Do you think that Marc Short is giving President Trump sort of an off-ramp, a way to explain how everything evolved on January 6th. To basically say it wasn't me, it was the advice I was getting?" host Witt [prompted.

"Yeah, look, Marc Short is trying to normalize what was unconstitutional behavior and frankly an authoritarian coup that failed," Jolly said dismissively. "The voice of Mike Pence and Marc Short now are welcome because they are stating truth. But few people in this country had greater access to stopping what occurred between the election in November and the inauguration of Joe Biden than Mike Pence and Marc Short."

"So I think history will recall that they did very little when they had an opportunity," he pointed out. "But their voices are welcome. But now, go under oath and testify openly in front of the American people on the January 6th committee. That includes you, vice president Mike Pence."

Watch below:

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