Mike Pence's 'testicular fortitude' ridiculed in brutal dismantling of his presidential hopes
Indiana governor Mike Pence (House GOP/Flickr)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "The Sunday Show," former GOP consultant Tara Setmayer went on an epic rant about the non-existent chance Mike Pence has of ever becoming president that had the whole panel laughing.

Reacting to a suggestion that Pence might join Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in her "crusade" against Donald Trump, Setmayer said the former vice president brings nothing to the party -- including supporters.

"Yeah, the idea of Mike Pence joining Liz Cheney's crusade to save democracy and speak out against Trumpism is never happening," Setmayer told host Michael Steele. "First of all, Liz Cheney would have to let Mike Pence borrow some of her testicular fortitude to do that because we know that Mike Pence doesn't have any."

As his fellow guests laughed she continued, "Secondly, I don't know who is Mike Pence constituency is that this point because he couldn't fill a one-room Southern Baptist church right now with the people who would support him for president -- my cat Tiki has a better chance of winning the presidency than Mike Pence does."

"Maybe mother [Pence wife Karen] will sit at the front row. but that's about as far as it goes," she added.

"Mike Pence is delusional thinking that he'll ever have a chance of being president of the United States, and pussyfooting around whether he's gonna be part of the January 6 committee or not just shows you what a coward he is," she explained. "The president of the United States supported a mob that wanted to hang him and he is still reluctant to be forthcoming and voluntarily testify?"

"It was all about the importance of the constitution and holding American ideals and -- this great experiment. We shouldn't have to be begging Mike Pence to come and testify," she concluded.

Watch below:

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