'Can I do one?' Critics troll CNN for scheduling Mike Pence 'presidential town hall'
Mike Pence (Photo via AFP)

CNN announced on Thursday that it will hold a Republican Presidential Town Hall featuring former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday, June 7th at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa.

"Looking forward to hosting Former Vice President @Mike_Pence in a @CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall from Iowa," tweeted CNN chief political correspondent and scheduled moderator Dana Bash.

This marks the third time in less than a month that the network has donated free air time to a campaign of a GOP White House candidate, except in this case, Pence has not formally entered the race.

CNN spotlighted Trump at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire on Wednesday, May 10th. The event sparked a fierce backlash over CNN's willingness to allow Trump to regurgitate his lies about the 2020 election as well as other invalidated conspiracy theories.

On Wednesday, CNN revealed that it will also showcase ex-United States Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Sunday, June 4th in Iowa.

And, just like before, a torrent of exasperated responses flooded CNN's Twitter feed after it posted its proverbial save the date.

Edward Michael: "What does 'Republican Presidential Town Hall' mean? He's not the president. He wasn't the president. No Republican is the president. Is he running in the GOP primary to be the Republican nominee for president? Then maybe 'Republican Presidential Candidate Town Hall'?"

Jeremy Barr: "Interesting that CNN is describing this as a 'Republican Presidential Town Hall' since Mike Pence hasn't officially declared yet…"

Arieh Kovler: "Given that Mike Pence isn't a declared candidate for President, can anyone get one of these CNN town halls? Can I do one?"

Lincoln Project Founder Rick Wilson: "I am super-excited to watch Pence try to not answer the questions about Trump trying to have him murdered."

Julia Davis: "Hanging out with Mike Pence."

lowkell: "'Looking forward to hosting Former Vice President @Mike_Pence' - Said no one ever? LOL."

Brian O'Sullivan: "CNN is hosting a town hall for Mike Pence. That should be one for the ages... For the ages of 91-100. No one else will be watching."

Marlene Robertson: "CNN will be hosting another clown town hall with moral coward & zealot Mike Pence where he will gaslight us with his four years of tRump into something it wasn't & where he will defend tRump for only trying to lynch him once. The show will be titled 'Hanging around with Mike.'"

Justin Baragona: "CNN announced today that they will have another GOP presidential town hall next month, this one featuring Mike Pence and moderated by Dana Bash. This will come just three days after the Nikki Haley town hall and three weeks after the highly criticized Trump event."

Decoding Fox News: "And 15 people will tune in for that one."

Barbara Malmet: "CNN is hosting a town hall with Mike Pence June 7th. More proof that legacy media outlet has gone to the dark side."

Ricky Davila: "CNN has now chosen to host yet another propaganda shitshow, this time with lying homophobic bigot Mike Pence. Just disgusting. Glad I stopped watching them years ago."

Brian Craig: "What a waste of time."

Jeannette Webber: "@CNN Will it be a 'Town Hall' or, like the Trump CNN event, be stacked with supporters who had to follow the candidates' rules, 'no booing'?"

Art Martin: "A reel showing paint drying would get better ratings."