Trump’s feud with Pence could backfire — and cost him a presidential pardon: Jim Acosta
Gage Skidmore

On CNN Thursday, chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta noted that outgoing President Donald Trump's increasing enmity with Vice President Mike Pence could potentially blow up in his face — in a very big way.

"One of the people he has to be worried about right now is Vice President Mike Pence," said Acosta. "Now, we are being told that it is unlikely that Pence is going to pursue the 25th Amendment option, but at the same time, I will tell you, his people are telling me that they are very upset with President Trump for not checking in on the vice president and his family. He was with his wife and daughter yesterday up on Capitol Hill. And they're very upset with the president because the president essentially tried to strong-arm the vice president into carrying out a procedural coup, which obviously didn't happen."

"Vice President Pence is the last person in the world that President Trump wants to upset right now, because if Vice President Pence becomes president, remember, Donald Trump probably would like a pardon at the end of this process," added Acosta.

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