'Traitor' Mike Pence facing furious backlash from Trump fans after telling Americans to get vaccinated
Mike Pence gives an interview/Screenshot

A story on Newsmax reporting Mike Pence telling young Americans to get their COVID-19 vaccinations set off a flurry of attacks by fans of Donald Trump after the former vice president posted the link to his Twitter account.

Speaking in Houston earlier in the week the former VP explained, "Now let me say this about the vaccine: I got the shot. My family got the shot. And I want to encourage anyone here who hasn't gotten the shot who's eligible to go get it. And if you're not sure about it, go ask your doctor and get the very best advice you can."

After posting the Newsmax story on his timeline, Pence was buried with insults from both sides of the political divide, with conservatives -- still angry with him for not stopping the certification of Joe Bidens's presidential win -- hammering him mercilessly and calling him a "traitor" -- one of the nicer names they used for him.

You can see some responses below: