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A new biography on Mike Pence is set to be released next month by longtime reporter Tom LoBianco, who spoke to Mehdi Hasan on MSNBC Tuesday night about the former vice president.

Among the questions from Hasan was whether any of the former aides to Pence would never have spoken to the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Congress and attempt to overthrow the election.

"Yeah, definitely," he said with certainty. "It is a tight-knit circle, one of the tightest operations I've ever covered. And nothing happens without the boss's approval. So, my guess is absolutely. Nobody has confirmed that, but you know, if you are seeing Marc Short testify, he is the only person closer to Mike Pence that Marc Short is Karen Pence."

One of the key quotes from LoBianco's book is that Pence is very strategic about where he appears. An aide to Trump argued that his path to the White House, "if he has one, and I would argue he does not, it's to do exactly what he has been doing." Hasan asked: "What do you think that aide meant that? What is Mike Pence doing right now? And does he have a chance of being the 2024 Republican nominee? I think like I have more of a chance of being the GOP presidential nominee than Mike Pence."

"I mean, the field is open. You might as well," quipped LoBianco. He went on to claim that he thinks Pence has a shot, something that most analysts dispute.

"But you know, the tension here for him, in particular, how does he address this?" he continued. "And you know, another thing that happened today is that they release the title and the cover of his book that is going to be coming out on Nov. 15th. You know, it's about the oath of office. 'So, help me God.' It hints at this, and the publisher apparently is counting on him to actually talk about Jan. 6. Yet, he, himself is not. Again today, he referred to it as 'that tragic day.' And he has not come to terms with this. So, what that Trump advisor, in particular, was referring to, was saying that, Pence keeps on drafting all of this. He keeps on drafting on -- Jan. 6. He keeps getting the free attention. And the thing is, he hasn't been forced to talk about Jan. 6. He hasn't been forced to talk about this."

See the full interview below or at this link.

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