Mike Pence is trying to ignore the insurrection to bring MAGA and establishment together for 2024: Ex-Ted Cruz advisor
Mike Pence on with Chris Wallace Sunday (Photo: Screen capture)

As former Vice President Mike Pence comes back to politics, he's ignoring the serious attempts on his life by supporters of former President Donald Trump. In fact, he's attempting to dismiss them entirely, according to one conservative.

Speaking to CNN's Pamela Brown on Sunday, Bulwark columnist Amanda Carpenter, who previously worked for Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, called Pence out on the attempt.

"A lot of Republicans like me who were very upset about how things happened and thought there would be a big movement among the MAGA Republicans to just memory-hold the insurrection," explained Carpenter. "I think what you are seeing is worse than that. You are essentially seeing people say it happened and it was no big deal."

She continued: "Mike Pence, when he started to speak again, one of the first things he came out and said is that he had concerns about 'election integrity.' Which is kind of the code safeword for the big election lie, but trying to dress it up. But Mike Pence is going to try and whistle past this Trump graveyard of lies and conspiracy theories and coalesce all the establishment MAGA support to be the 2024 nominee."

It's a shocking idea given so many Trump supporters chanted "hang Mike Pence" while crafting a gallows outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

"And it is just incredible to me that people think they can look past the insurrection. Okay, one impeachment — the second impeachment maybe not so much. But that's definitely what Mike Pence is attempting here. And there is a lot of people who would be happy to let him get away with it," Carpenter closed.

See her comments below:

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