'Tell the truth': Fitness experts doubt Mike Pompeo's routine was the cause of rapid weight loss
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In a pointed piece questioning his honesty, the editorial board of the Kansas City Star called out former secretary of state Mike Pompeo over his explanation for his sudden weight loss -- with fitness experts also expressing skepticism.

In a recent interview, the former Donald Trump senior administration official explained he made changes to his diet and now works out 30 minutes a day five to six days a week which led to a loss of 90 pounds in a mere six months.

According to the board, which noted Pompeo has played fast and loose with the truth in the past, something doesn't sound right.

Getting right to the point, the editorial begins, "We asked weight loss experts, and people who have lost large amounts of weight themselves, whether it’s possible to lose 90 pounds in six months simply by eating better and hitting a humble home gym for half an hour five or six times a week. Their response? Absolutely not, almost certainly not, and hahaha."

To bolster their case, the board spoke with Micah LaCerte, who they identify as Kansas City’s top personal trainer, and he cast even more doubt on Pompeo's story.

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"I’ve done this for 20 years and never seen anything like that," he explained. "He would have to be on a massive starvation diet ... no way with only a half-hour workout. Ninety in six is unbelievable, especially for his age, unless he’s working out for hours every day. The numbers just don’t add up. Dude, just be honest. Mike, come on, man.”

The editors added, "While it may be theoretically possible, 'it’s just not likely' without surgery, drugs or other extreme measures, says Al Rose, a longtime New York bodybuilder, trainer and coach. Even as a West Point-trained former soldier, Pompeo is 'definitely being untruthful' claiming that DIY dietary changes and that amount of exercise alone could bring about such a drastic change in that length of time."

Rose added, "His face is sunken and his skin doesn’t look good. He’s gone from one extreme to the other. "

The editors concluded by noting that Pompeo did admit in his interview, “the truth is losing weight has been a lifetime struggle for me," by bluntly adding, "Telling the truth has been, too."

You can read the entire editorial here.