Mike Pompeo is now against the 2020 election lie — but will support Trump 'barring something really crazy'
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking with attendees at the 2021 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

After the 2020 election when then-President Donald Trump was falsely claiming he won reporters began asking if there would be a peaceful transition of power.

At the time, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration. All right? We're ready."

But that appears to have changed.

Speaking to CBS News reporter Major Garrett, Pompeo, who is considering whether to run for president, came out against the same lie he was promoting publicly while serving under Trump.

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When it came to the Jan. 6 attack, Pompeo said, “Did we get it right that day by certifying those electors? I think we did.”

However, on Jan. 6, 2021, State Department leaders met with the Capitol attackers, former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Destro told the Washington Post. He met with Colorado podcaster Joe Oltmann and Michigan lawyer Matthew DePerno.

"Oltmann and DePerno played important behind-the-scenes roles in crafting the baseless allegations that the election was stolen from Trump, a review of emails and public statements from Trump allies shows," the report said. "The State Department meeting provides new evidence of the success that activists spreading false claims about the election had in gaining access to top administration officials. Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows was in close contact with activists pushing false fraud narratives, as were high-level officials at the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security."

Pompeo went on to confess to Garrett that it would be awkward running against Trump in 2024 after a Washington Post article described him as the biggest loyalist in the Cabinet. That said, if Trump asked him to serve again, he absolutely would.

Asked whether he would support Trump were he to become the GOP nominee in 2024, Pompeo said he would absolutely. "Barring something really really crazy," he said. He didn't elaborate on how he would define "crazy" or if he finds the attack on Congress to be "crazy."

Pompeo said that Democrats simply don't think about America the way he thinks about America. For that reason, he said he would never support a Democrat for any office.

See to the full podcast with Garrett below: