'Do you have any facts?' CBS host calls out GOPer comparing Trump's document scandal to Biden
CBS/screen grab

CBS host Margaret Brennan called out Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) after he suggested that President Joe Biden may have intentionally taken classified documents to bolster "Biden family businesses."

During an interview on Face the Nation, Brennan stopped Turner after he argued that former President Donald Trump's classified document scandal was less serious than Biden's.

"You know, when you reference President Trump, there were 300 classified documents," she noted. "There was a warrant, there was refusal to comply in terms of handing things over, and the White House and president's lawyer are pointing out, in the case of Biden, he granted permission, and this was consensual for the DOJ to come in and search."

"I think this looks more like a cover-up," Turner insisted.

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"Do you have any facts to back up your allegation that he was hoarding things in terms of intention to take classified material?" Brennan asked.

"Well, they didn't fly to his home without him," Turner countered. "They went on a train with him from his Senate offices and then in boxes that he was in charge of."

Watch the video below from CBS or at the link.