Minneapolis cops shoot and kill suspect at traffic stop -- then ask to shoot 'less-lethal' rounds at onlookers throwing ice
Photo: Shutterstock.com

Minneapolis police were part of another officer-involved shooting when a suspect was shot and killed Wednesday evening during a traffic stop about two miles from the site where police killed George Floyd.

The man was suspected of committing a felony, police spokesperson John Elder said that "gunfire was exchanged." There was also a woman in the car but she was unharmed, MPR news reported.

According to reporter Jon Collins, the body cameras were activated.

After the incident, onlookers who don't trust the police after the Floyd slaying began throwing objects at them, a Washington Post reporter overheard on a police scanner. They called them balls of ice, alleged "assaultive behavior," and asked for permission to shoot "less-lethal" 40mm rounds at the people in response. The supervisor just said no.

Mr. Collins captured photos of the protesters which grew from about 12 to about 100 people of the course of the evening.