'He did nothing!': Video shows Minneapolis cop throwing 64-year-old Black man to the ground

A Minneapolis police officer is under investigation after he was caught on video throwing a 64-year-old Black man to the ground inside a grocery store for unknown reasons.

"In the almost five-minute video, officer Christopher Lange is seen aggressively grabbing Troy Lee Billups and pushing him onto the ground in an attempt to arrest him" inside an Aldi store on Wednesday, according to a report from Fox Channel 9.

"The person recording the video is heard telling officer Lange that it was 'two people having a conversation together, and you decided to escalate the situation by shoving him,'" the station reported.

"You’re supposed to de-escalate. How is this de-escalating?" the person recording can be heard saying. "What are you doing? Why is he under arrest?"

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After Lange says "You're under arrest," Billups can be heard responding "For what?" and yelling "Let me go."

"When Lange did let go, Billups rebuked him for apparently shoving a young man in the store earlier," the Star Tribune reported.

"You gotta keep your hands off him," Billups told Lange. "You don't put your hands on no young kid."

Lange eventually escorted Billups outside before handcuffing him.

"All I did was tell him, 'Don't touch the kid,'" Billups told another nearby officer as Lange emptied his groceries on the hood of a squad car.

Billups was charged with obstructing legal process with force, and later released without bail. Minneapolis police said the matter is being evaluated by the Office of Police Conduct Review.

"Department policy and training continues to emphasize the importance of de-escalation efforts to stabilize and resolve situations when safe and feasible," MPD spokesperson Garrett Parten said.

Watch below.