Florida company peddling bogus 'miracle' bleach cure for COVID-19 on Facebook and Amazon
File photo of a medic conducting a Covid-19 test at a medical centre in Paris. Bertrand GUAY AFP

A Florida company is peddling a notorious industrial bleach solution as a "miracle cure" for new variants of the coronavirus.

Chlorine dioxide, a dangerous chemical compound used in textile and paper manufacturing, has previously been marketed as a cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS and even autism, and now Miami-based Oclo Nanotechnology Science is making the so-called "miracle mineral solution" in a makeshift laboratory and selling it as a cure for COVID-19, reported The Guardian.

"B117 [is a] new variant of coronavirus, the most contagious and dangerous in the United States," the company states in advertising copy. "Rescuing chlorine dioxide and its great curative potential against pathogens."

The Food and Drug Administration warns the bleach product is potentially dangerous and possibly life-threatening, and the agency has tried to shut down other efforts to market the chemical as a COVID-19 treatment throughout the pandemic.

The FDA previous took down the Florida-based Genesis II "church" that sold MMS as a "sacrament" to cure the deadly virus, and "bishop" Mark Grenon and his four sons are jailed in Miami and Colombia awaiting extradition to the U.S. on fraud conspiracy and other charges.

Oclo is run by Cuba native Ricardo Garcia, a self-described "research and development scientist" and real estate agent.

He's also offering via social media and online marketplaces to transport bleach in enema form to Europe for $680 per liter as a treatment for autism.

The Guardian contacted those tech companies about Garcia's products, and eBay blocked the Oclo page within hours, although Amazon described the company as an "independent business" subject to site policies and Facebook did not reply.