Missouri Republican offers shocking rationalization for overturning the will of the voters

Republicans in Missouri moved on Thursday to overturn the will of the voters to keep more people from receiving health insurance during the ongoing pandemic.

"Republican lawmakers blocked Medicaid expansion funding from reaching the Missouri House floor on Wednesday, posing a setback for the voter-approved plan to increase eligibility for the state health care program," The Kansas City Star reported Thursday. "The House Budget Committee voted along party lines not to pass a bill allowing Missouri to spend $130 million of state funds and $1.6 billion in federal money to pay for the program's expansion. Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government picks up 90% of the tab on expanding Medicaid."

"The expanded eligibility would allow an estimated 230,000 additional low-income Missourians to be covered. It is set to go into effect in July after voters approved a ballot question last August with a 53% majority," the newspaper noted.

Although the measure was popular with voters, one Republican legislator argued that the voters should be ignored because it received support from urban and suburban voters, whose voices are apparently less important than those from rural areas.

"Rural Missouri said no," said Rep. Sara Walsh. "I don't believe it is the will of the people to bankrupt our state."

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