Missouri second-grader brought his parents' loaded gun to school to show off to classmates: police
American flag and gun (Shuttershock)

On Monday, KSDK reported that a second-grader at a public school in St. Louis, Missouri brought a loaded gun from his home to show off to his classmates.

"A spokesman for the school district said a teacher saw the student showing the gun off during recess and took action. Officers with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and school district security officers were called to the school on Enright Avenue and confiscated the weapon without incident," reported Sam Clancy. "A police spokesperson said the student found the gun in a lockbox under his parent's bed and wanted to show it off."

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"Police said they do not intend to seek charges due to the nature of the incident," continued the report. "A statement from the school district reminded parents to check on any weapons in the home and secure them out of the reach of children."

This incident comes a week after a school shooting in Oxford Township, Michigan, where a teenage boy used a gun his parents bought as a Christmas present to kill four classmates and injure seven more.

In a highly unusual move, prosecutors are charging the parents as well as the shooter, citing their lack of diligence in the face of warning signs, and officials are also considering legal action against the school.