Prosecutor details shocking red flags left by Michigan shooter

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald held a Friday press conference laying out why her office is criminally charging Jennifer and James Crumbley with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

McDonald noted several red flags before their 15-year-old son, Ethan, allegedly killed four people and wounded seven.

"On November 21st, 2021, a teacher at the Oxford High School observed Ethan Crumbley searching ammunition on his cell phone during class and reported the same to school officials. Jennifer Crumbley was contacted via voicemail by school personnel regarding the son's inappropriate internet search. School personnel indicate they followed that voicemail with an email, but received no response from either parent," McDonald said. "Thereafter, Crumbley exchanged text messages about the incident with her son on that day, stating, 'Lol, I'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught."

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On the morning of the shooting, a teacher found a graphic drawing allegedly made by the shooter.

His mother also reportedly texted him, "Ethan, don't do it" after news of the shooting was made public.

"I want to be clear that these charges are intended to hold the individuals who contributed to this tragedy accountable and also send the message, that gun owners have a responsibility," she said.


Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald