Mitch McConnell slammed for claiming that the US spends too little on the military
Mitch McConnell. (CSPAN screenshot)

United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) caused an uproar on social media on Monday after he tweeted that President Joe Biden's request for an additional $31 billion in military spending is nowhere near enough.

The Department of Defense has asked Congress to allocate the extra funds – on top of the $782 billion already slated to be dumped down the "defense" drain – to aid Ukraine in its fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin's genocidal invasion. McConnell, however, signaled that even more money should be pumped into the coffers of corporate warmongers.

"President Biden's budget reinforces the disconnect between this Administration’s far-left goals and what Americans need," wrote McConnell. "It’s soft on the defense funding we need to outpace Russia and China, heavy on left-wing waste and historic tax hikes."

As if that were not enough, "an analysis by Capital Alpha Partners’ Byron Callan noted the Republican target is likely $875 billion for overall defense and national security spending," according to a DefenseNews report.

Twitter wasted no time reminding McConnell that the US already outspends most of its allies and adversaries – combined – on its armed forces. And that siphoning dollars away from much-needed socioeconomic reforms ultimately makes the US a weaker country.