'Lots of party infighting' as GOP senators turn on Mitch McConnell: CNN
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (screengrab)

Reacting to disparaging comments Donald Trump made about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at his Iowa rally on Saturday night, CNN reported that Republican senators are also unhappy and sniping at the longtime GOP leader's machinations.

Speaking with hosts Boris Sanchez and Laura Jarrett, CNN's Daniella Diaz reported on "infighting" within the party with several high-profile Republican senators grumbling about the Kentucky lawmaker.

After watching a clip of Trump raging at McConnell in Des Moines, Diaz explained "You're hearing him slam not only McConnell but the 11 Republicans that voted to advance this bill that would suspend the debt ceiling until December. He's not the only Republican leader to have criticized McConnell, some conservatives in the Senate also criticized McConnell for blinking. That includes, of course, [Senators] Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz."

"They were really disappointed that McConnell decided after weeks of saying he wasn't going to help Democrats with the debt ceiling, that he would help and blinked and reached an agreement," she continued. " So bottom line here, lots of party infighting."

Watch below:

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