Fox News is turning on 'foolish old fraud' Mitch McConnell — for all the wrong reasons: columnist
MItch McConnell (AFP)

On MSNBC Wednesday, Daily Beast columnist Margaret Carlson noted that right-wing outlets are starting to turn on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — but for the wrong reasons.

"You know, last night on Fox, Mitch McConnell was called a 'foolish old fraud,'" said Carlson. "And all Mitch McConnell has done is speak the truth. I'm amazed at Mitch McConnell, actually. I wonder what's happened to him that he's got an open mind, that he accused Trump of lying and causing the mob, and that it was impeachable offenses, and then he goes after Marjorie Taylor Greene and supports Liz Cheney, as he should, but which his whole party is not doing. It's Mitch McConnell leading. But for that, all he did was that. And now he is a 'foolish old fraud.'"

"It's amazing to me," said Carlson. "Because you keep looking for the line. where's the line beneath which Republicans worried about the next election and not the next generation won't sink. We haven't found it yet."

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