McConnell pretends to be open to Jan. 6 Commission — behind closed doors he's against it: report
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (screengrab)

Earlier Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he was "open" to the ideas of the Jan. 6 Commission to investigate what went wrong when the Capitol was attacked and how to fix those security issues. It turns out it was a lie.

Axios reported Tuesday night that behind closed doors, McConnell said he can't support the commission "in its current form." The same form that Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Rep. John Katko (R-NY) helped craft with Democrats.

Axios paraphrased what McConnell said, "There's 41 of us who could change this, and I think we should." Another source confirmed the sentiment of what McConnell said.

Katko reportedly complained that McCarthy threw him under the bus after working to negotiate what Republicans asked for.

The longer Republicans wait to launch the Jan. 6 Commission, the closer it gets to the 2022 election.

Punchbowl News reported that many Republicans didn't oppose the commission because the leadership didn't give them a good reason to. Axios reported that Many Republicans are wary and want to move the focus of the Jan. 6 Commission to everything but the Jan. 6 attack.

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