Mitt Romney on whether he'll support Trump in 2024: 'Absolutely not'
Mitt Romney (AFP)

While speaking at a Washington Post forum on climate change and bipartisanship, Mitt Romney was asked if he'll support Donald Trump if he makes a run for the White House in 2024, Fox 23 reports.

“Absolutely not,” Romney said, triggering a round of applause from the audience.

“Look, I voted to remove him from office twice,” Romney added.

“And it’s not just because he loses,” Romney continued, referring to the Trump-endorsed candidates who lost their midterm races. “That’s my reason that I offer to other people who are big fans of his. But it’s also [that] he’s simply not a person who should have the reins of the government of the United States.”

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When asked if the GOP has lost its way, Romney replied that some within the party indeed have.

"Are others filled with a vision for the future? Absolutely,” Romney said. “I think we’ve got, I don’t know, 12 people or more that would like to be president, that are thinking of running in 2024."

“If President Trump continues in his campaign, I’m not sure any one of them can make it through and beat him," Romney said. "He’s got such a strong base of, I don’t know, 30 or 40% of the Republican voters, or maybe more, it’s going to be hard to knock him off as our nominee. If he becomes our nominee, I think he loses again.”

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