Fireworks erupt at Alabama GOP forum as Mo Brooks gets called out for 'denigrating' Trump

Fireworks erupted at an Alabama GOP Senate campaign forum on Wednesday, when right-wing Congressman Mo Brooks was called out for "denigrating" former president Donald Trump during his 2016 race.

Brooks, now a staunch Trump loyalist who has been endorsed by the former president, had accused his opponent in the Senate race, Katie Britt, of not supporting alleged child molester Roy Moore in the 2018 Alabama GOP Senate contest, which was won by Democrat Doug Jones.

According to video posted by Yellow Hammer News, Britt responded that while she's never voted for a Democrat, she believes it's "important to stand with women and make sure their voices are heard as well," apparently referring to Moore's alleged victims.

"That's going to be an issue in this race," Brooks responded about whether Britt supported Moore. "We'll see as time goes by. Yes, I supported the Republican nominee for the United States Senate. We are a team. We have a belief system."

Brooks blamed Moore's defeat for leading to Trump's impeachment, as well as the GOP's failure to repeal Obamacare. He appeared to dismiss controversy over Moore's alleged child sex abuse as "personality differences between candidates," before adding, "The Democrats stick together. We need to do the same if we're going to win this fight."

Britt then took back the mic and addressed Brooks directly.

"Congressman, I guess my question is when you said you didn't know if you would vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump back in 2016 and refused to answer the question. I think then maybe you weren't standing with the Republican candidate," Britt said, as the crowd erupted in applause. "You also denigrated our president, president Trump, and you said all of us who voted for him — which, by the way, I voted for him every single time he was on the ballot, and so did my husband. And that is something certainly you cannot say. And so, every single time, I voted for Donald Trump and stood with him, and yet that wasn't a step that you took. So It seems you might have started the whole 'let's not stand with the party.'"

Brooks, who endorsed Ted Cruz over Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primary, once called the former president a "serial adulterer" and a "notorious flip-flopper," Yellow Hammer News notes.

He responded to Britt's attack by noting that Trump endorsed him in his two most recent House campaigns — as well as in the current Senate race.

"So, if you want to make an issue of Donald Trump and where he stands, by golly, let's have at it, because Donald Trump knows who the real fighter is for the MAGA agenda in the state of Alabama, and he has said it is Mo Brooks," the congressman said.

Watch below.

Mo Brooks, Katie Britt trade barbs over support for Roy Moore, Donald Trump, 9/15/2021