MAGA parents launch crusade against librarian for 'Leninist' Mother's Day celebration

A librarian at a school in Tennessee is in shock after being targeted by right-wing parents for creating a Mother's Day lesson that they say indoctrinates children into Leninist ideologies.

As the Washington Post's Greg Sargent writes, the group Moms for Liberty recently came down hard on Caroline Mickey of the Alpine Crest Elementary School after she tried to make an inclusive Mother's Day lesson that acknowledged not every child in the school lived with a mother in the traditional sense of the word.

"Mickey notified parents that two books would be read aloud to kids from kindergarten through second grade," writes Sargent. "One was 'Stella Brings the Family,' about a girl who is unsure how to approach a Mother’s Day celebration at school because she has two dads. The other was 'Mother Bruce,' about a bear who adopts a brood of goslings who believe he’s their mother."

Even though Mickey gave parents the chance to opt their children out of the lesson, this was not enough to satisfy Moms for Liberty members, who demanded that the school cancel it entirely.

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"Members of its chapter in the red-leaning area around the school in Hamilton County attacked the idea on social media and in local newspapers as Leninist indoctrination, anti-Christian and a threat to Western civilization," writes Sargent. "One woman called on locals to pray for children to guard them against the demonic threat posed by those children’s books."

In the end, the school caved to pressure and canceled the lesson, which left Mickey feeling overwhelmed.

"I didn’t realize it was going to be quite this intense," she told Sargent.