Former FBI agent says more sedition charges are likely coming for Jan. 6 attackers

Former FBI special agent Clint Watts told MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace Monday that he thinks more people will be charged with sedition as the cases move forward.

Last week, 11 Oath Keepers were indicted for their participation in planning the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Among the charges were seditious conspiracy, which marked the first time federal prosecutors had leveled that specific charge.

"Between the one year of what we've learned and what people have watched, what they've seen repeatedly, anyone that doesn't believe Jan. 6 was an absolute disaster and that the White House was ultimately responsible has just buried their head in the sand and doesn't want to hear what's really going on in the world," Watts began.

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He noted that many Republicans on Capitol Hill are just pretending that Jan. 6 even happened.

"Or try and change the story, but what they keep forgetting is the number of indictments that will continue to land, probably, in the coming months that are similar to the indictment, the seditious indictment that came out last week about the Oath Keepers, which is an awful document," Watts continued. "It's like nothing we've ever seen in terms of a domestic extremism case that was literally there to try and overthrow the country. So, that's going to be hard to just sit and ignore and not speak about. As those roll out, those are hard facts, and it reminds me of other times where we have seen government investigations unfold."

See the panel discussion below:

Former special agent says more sedition charges are likely coming