Tennessee's GOP legislature passes bill that would disqualify Trump-backed MAGA candidate
President Donald Trump in the East Room of the White House (screengrab)

Tennessee's Republican-controlled state legislature has passed a bill that will very likely disqualify a Trump-backed MAGA candidate from running.

The Tennessean reports that the state's General Assembly this week passed a new bill on residency requirements for political candidates that "implicitly targeted the candidacy of Morgan Ortagus, whose bid for the 5th Congressional District in the Republican primary could be deemed ineligible if the bill is signed into law."

Specifically, the bill requires candidates to have lived in the district they seek to represent for at least three years before they're eligible to run.

Trump's endorsement of Ortagus, a former Fox News contributor who also served in his administration as State Department spokesperson, reportedly ruffled feathers among Tennessee Republicans, who believed she had no name recognition and no experience running for political office.

In response to the bill, Ortagus said she would continue to live in the Nashville area even if she couldn't run for office.

"No one questioned my residency when I served our country in the intelligence community, the Trump Administration, nor in the U.S. Navy Reserves, and President Trump certainly didn't question my residency when he endorsed me for this seat," Ortagus said. "I continue to trust my fellow Tennesseans, the voters in the 5th district, to choose who will best represent them in Congress."

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