Black woman recounts racism she experienced in the Mormon church: 'I wasn't allowed to marry a White man because my seed was cursed'

A Black woman who was a member of the Mormon church told her story to the Mormon Stories Podcast in November last year is now getting some viral attention, Newsweek reports.

Channel Achenbach claims she was told by church members that she was not permitted to marry a white man because her "seed was cursed."

"[The leaders] said, 'You know what, we think it is best you get married,'" Achenbach said. "'You are older, you have served the mission, you are a great candidate for marriage but you need to find a Black man.

"I remember I kept asking 'where am I supposed to find a Black man?'" she said.

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"They said 'It doesn't matter, you find a Black man, you convert him or go to an area where there are predominately Black men.'"

Achenbach said she eventually confronted a church leader over the matter.

"[I said], 'Say it -- I need you to say it. So Black people and white people aren't supposed to mix?'" she recounted. "They were like 'no they're not.' I said 'is there a reason?'"

"They said 'yes, because your seed is cursed. If your seed mixes with their seed then your children, your husband won't be cursed, but your children will be. Do you want that for your family?" she said.

Watch the podcast episode below or at this link.

A Black Teenager Joins the Mormon Church | Channel Achenbach Pt. 1 Ep. 1712