'Sheer lunacy': Morning Joe shreds Republicans for allowing QAnon 'craziness' to take over

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough urged Democrats to call out the Republican Party's "sheer lunacy" as they head into the midterm election campaigns.

The "Morning Joe" host agreed with Democratic strategist James Carville, who recently blasted the GOP's pivot to QAnon conspiracies, 2020 election denialism and other fringe viewports, and he said Democrats must do a better job of highlighting their extremism as a campaign issue.

"The Republican Party, and James points it out, the Republican Party, the conservative movement -- crazy, absolutely crazy, what they've been allowing extremists to do since Donald Trump came there," Scarborough said. "If you don't speak out against it and you're a Republican, then you're endorsing it, for the most part. If you have people saying really extreme, really dangerous things, as they've been saying over the past five, six years -- yeah, just absolutely bizarre things going on."

Michigan state Sen. Mallory McMorrow, a Democrat, pushed back against GOP state Sen. Lara Theis' "hateful" allegations that she's a "groomer" and supports child abuse, and Scarborough shamed Republicans for allowing QAnon conspiracies to leak into mainstream political discourse.

"We're going to have a state senator from Michigan who is going to come on, who had a bizarre attack against her," Scarborough said. "Somebody like Ron DeSantis deciding to create an issue and try to make money off of it. Mallory just said no, no more of it, and called the craziness out, called the lunacy out, called the phony, performative Christianity out. I think that's what Democrats have to do. They should see what she did on the state floor."

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