Ron DeSantis scorched by MSNBC's Morning Joe for his latest 'petulant and childish' meltdown on COVID

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped Gov. Ron DeSantis for acting like an "emperor" by grabbing power from local governments.

The Florida Republican has barred local officials from imposing mask mandates and blamed President Joe Biden for the COVID-19 outbreak swamping his state, and the "Morning Joe" host called him out.

"His petulant, childish response to not just the president but other people concerned that Ron DeSantis is passing top-down mandates, forcing people, whether it's small businesses in Florida, to not be able to protect themselves or school boards not be able to protect themselves," Scarborough said. "He's trying to run COVID like an emperor out of Tallahassee, Florida. One size does not fit all 67 counties, but Ron DeSantis [is] acting like a socialist thinking it does."

DeSantis has railed against federal guidance on pandemic prevention measures, which co-host Willie Geist found ironic.

"Of course, there's irony in him complaining about the top down from the White House giving orders where he's going top down at the statehouse telling school districts what they can and can't do," Geist said. "There are many that are different saying we're going to go ahead with the mask mandate. There's a big problem in Florida right now -- we'll get to COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths as delta variant goes across the country -- and now Moderna saying booster shots may be necessary."

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