'You guys are pathetic': Morning Joe's Mika shreds Facebook's Zuckerberg and Sandberg for propping up Trump
Zuckerberg/ CNN screenmshot -- Sandberg at Davos/AFP

On Monday morning, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski slammed the executives of social media companies for allowing the proliferation of lies coming from Donald Trump and his followers to flood their platforms -- but saved her most withering criticism for Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

After reporting on the massive decrease of misinformation being traded on social media platforms since Trump's Twitter account was shuttered, the "Morning Joe" host launched a furious rant at the Facebooks executives, calling their new efforts to curb conspiracy theories after all the damage that has been done "pathetic."

"This is some last-minute suck-up by Twitter or Facebook," she began. "All you've done is shown just how impactful everything that you have been doing so far has been in terms of spreading disinformation. You have shown how it drops the minute you actually take action. You have shown that you should have done this a long time ago and perhaps there wouldn't be people dead, perhaps there wouldn't be people following false scientific information about the coronavirus."

Continuing in that vein, she added, "Perhaps there wouldn't have been some sort of insurrection at the Capitol that was promulgated all over your sites. Perhaps there wouldn't be so much hatred and disinformation -- you have shown that."

"I mean, really honestly, the leadership of Facebook is pathetic. Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, you are pathetic," she continued. "You make absolutely no reason about your actions. You could have done this a long time ago, you decided to do it now?"

"I wonder who is going to be president now? Maybe this will make them happy," Brzezinski sarcastically added. "No, you have just shown him why you need to be shut down. You need to be shutdown. Nobody needs what you have to offer. You have destroyed this country and quite frankly, it's still happening right now."

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