'They got the mother lode': Former prosecutor says new grand jury has everything on Trump

On MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" Tuesday, former federal prosecutor Harry Litman discussed the full extent of what evidence the New York grand jury weighing charges against former President Donald Trump would have for their consideration.

"The grand jury's going to get everything and that's true," said Litman. "We know that the — that was the inception of the case, but then, they got the mother lode. They got the tax returns, going back and forth to the Supreme Court twice to get them. So, that takes all kinds of transactions of this sort and forms the basis for possibly multiple counts where people surmise and it stands to reason that it's a similar kind of hanky-panky, changing the way you valuate same properties, one for tax to make it look low, one for loans to make it look high, that's fraud on both entities."

"I think what is happening, likely, is a plethora of transactions like that, like that core one with Stormy Daniels, which we are learning is sort of the Trump way of doing business, the general MO, and also including [Trump Organization CFO Allen] Weisselberg," added Litman.

Watch below:

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