MTG responds to Nick Fuentes criticism Trump hasn't stood up for J6 rioters
Marjorie Taylor Greene / Gage Skidmore

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia on Saturday responded to criticism that Donald Trump has not been forceful enough in defending the Jan. 6 defendants.

Axios reported, "Fuentes told Trump that he represented a side of Trump's base that was disappointed with his newly cautious approach, especially with what some far-right activists view as a lack of support for those charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack."

In a Friday night Twitter thread on her newly restored account, Greene wrote, "I’ve been noticing in certain echo chambers absurd criticism of Pres Trump and J6’ers.

"Anyone claiming that President Trump is doing nothing for pre-trial January 6 defendants is either lying, clueless, or wants to hurt him. He has said over and over at practically every single rally that he will pardon January 6 defendants when he becomes president again," she wrote. ""I’ve been to a lot of rallies this year and I’ve heard him say he will pardon J6 defendants multiple times. I have not heard any other potential 2024 presidential candidate say that yet."

She also claimed Trump was financially helping the defendants.

"And it’s truly amazing at times the amount and kind of criticism thrown at Pres Trump," Greene wrote. "Actually he respected the office of the President more than most people ever would, and that’s extremely important. Then we have others criticizing Pres Trump saying he should have done more with the power of the Presidency. Do you people want a tyrant?"