My Pillow guy Mike Lindell briefed Trump -- about what he was missing on Twitter: report

On Friday, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was spotted heading into the West Wing of the White House.

Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford captured a photo of the document Lindell brought with him. "Martial law if necessary" was part the document that was visible. There was also a section crossed out.

Now more is coming out about the document from New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman.

"I got a bit more information about the Lindell meeting. It was a brief meeting, Trump sent him upstairs to the WH counsel's office to be escorted by an admin official sitting next to Lindell in the meeting. That official, according to another official, was [National Security Advisor] Robert O'Brien," Haberman reported.

The crossed out section of the document referred to Pat Cipollene, the White House counsel who has reportedly told Trump he will not help during the second impeachment trial.

"Once up there, he insisted on meeting with Cipollone. It got contentious, in part bc supposedly on the blacked-out part of his notes was something about how Cipollone should be fired," Haberman explained.

The briefing was necessary because of Trump's ban from Twitter?

"Lindell tells me that he was carrying the notes for an attorney he's been working with to prove the election was really won by Trump, wouldn't say who it was. Said some of it related to reports Trump is now unable to see because he doesn't have Twitter," she reported.

Lindell is apparently at odds with some in the administration.

"Lindell insists the papers he was holding, which were photographed and visible, didn't reference 'martial law.' An administration official says they definitely referenced martial law," Haberman noted. "But an administration official says Trump wasn't really entertaining what Lindell was saying. Lindell also seemed frustrated he wasn't getting more of a hearing."